August 15


Permission to be free

It began with an offer of a “vaccine” for the vulnerable.

Then the older members of our societies were invited to step up.

Since then we’ve worked our way down the age groups, added in pregnant women on the way, and are now lining up ever younger groups of children.

Yet still significant percentages of populations around the world either remain hesitant, or just point-blank refuse to have a “vaccine”.

There has been a “carrot and stick” approach from governments and medical establishments to encourage more uptake.

The incentives have piled up:

  • Lotteries
  • Donuts
  • Burger and fries
  • Lap dances
  • Joints for jabs
  • Kebabs

The stick part of the equation has been only a little more subtle:

  • A campaign of fear, fuelled by government “behavioural analysists”
  • Mask obligations
  • Lockdowns
  • Travel restrictions
  • Business closures

The moving goalpost promises have been never-ending:

  • Just 3 weeks to flatten the curve
  • Just until summer comes
  • A vaccine is on the way
  • Mandatory vaccinations? Ridiculous.
  • There will never be vaccine passports

Although vaccine uptake has slowed, many have succumbed to the coercive pressure tactics, and have fallen in line.

However, there is still a significant percentage of the population in most countries on whom neither the stick nor the carrot seem to have had much of an impact. These people remain certain they don’t want to take up the kind offer of a new experimental pharmaceutical product.

And surely, in a free and democratic society, those of us who make this decision have every right to assert their bodily autonomy, and reject a product that still remains unapproved, but is only being rolled out under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

But that’s not acceptable to the tyrants who want to push this experimental cocktail onto every member of society for “the common good”. It is obvious we’re moving into a new phase of the “encouragement” to comply.

The "passe sanitaire"

Vaccine passports represent a threat to the liberty of all... not just the unvaccinated.

At the moment it seems many governments are trying to divide society, to pitch the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, to paint the “anti-vaxxers” as science deniers, as a danger to society, as the direct cause of the loss of freedoms of the vaccinated, as selfish murderers.

Here in France, it feels like we are on the cutting edge of this divisive attempt to split the population in order to promote acceptance of the “passe sanitaire”, France’s version of a vaccine passport.

To be clear, the pass doesn't require vaccination. There are 3 options, of which vaccination is the easiest.

  • Option 1 - proof of full vaccination
  • Option 2 - a negative test within the last 72 hours. It was initially proposed that this would be 48 hours, but a small concession has been made. (NOTE: some tests are currently free here in France, but Macron stated that they will no longer be free from September in order to "encourage more vaccine uptake"!)
  • Option 3 - proof of recovery from a previous infection. The article below suggests that this is done with proof of a positive PCR test from a period between the previous 2 weeks to 6 months.

Since August 9th 2021, a passe sanitaire is required to enter any bar, restaurant, café (including all outdoor terraces), cinema, large shopping centre, sports centre, and more (long distance trains, domestic flights):

From the above linked article, more restrictions are already mandated.

Here, translated from the “calendrier” section:

The implementation of the health pass takes place in several stages:

  • Monday, August 9, the health pass becomes mandatory in cafes, shopping centers, hospitals, long-distance trains, planes, etc.
  • As of August 30, it will become compulsory for employees of establishments open to the public.
  • On September 30, it will apply to young people aged 12 to 17, who until then have benefited from a reprieve.
  • Caregivers must receive a first dose of vaccine by September 15, and complete their vaccination course on October 15 - under penalty of seeing their salary suspended.

I just want you to read that second bullet point again... from August 30th use of the passe sanitaire will be compulsory for all employees of establishments open to the public.

And the third bullet point... all 12 to 17 year olds!

We’re getting alarmingly close to mandatory vaccinations for all.

However, don’t worry, the French government tells us. The passe sanitaire is only in force until 15th November, when its use will be reviewed.

Hmm, heading in to winter, colds, flus, and a possible “4th wave”...!

What do you think? 

Will the government see the light of day, and decide, upon review, the pass is no longer necessary?

Or will the use be extended, along with new restrictions on those who are still unvaccinated?

What next? 

It isn’t hard to imagine, after the November review, the pass being required to enter any of those businesses “open to the public” where all the staff have been forced to use the pass.

Or needing the pass to access any town or city centre area?

Or needing digital permission to leave your own home?

In this together

Make no mistake, this restriction on freedoms doesn't just impact the unvaccinated. Many countries around the world are now embracing the idea of "booster shots".

You can be pretty sure that when these booster shots start rolling out in your country... and they almost certainly will... those already vaccinated will have to roll up their sleeves again to maintain the "green" status of their digital pass.

There are already rumblings about regular boosters being required annually, or even every six months.

Vaccinated or unvaccinated, you'll have to do what you are told in order to be given your permission to be free.

Coming your way soon...

Right now, here in France, much greater freedom is offered to people who are prepared to embrace the concept of digital proof of medical status. To them bars, restaurants, sports facilities, cinemas, nightclubs are all open.

However, to those choosing to rely on their natural immunity, these previous freedoms are now being denied.

If this isn’t yet the case where you live, it most probably will be soon.

To get an idea of what is coming your way, keep an eye on France...

Because we already live under a medical apartheid reality here.

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  1. Hi Ian,
    While certainly I respect your opinion, and in general, have typically agreed with your lifestyle and philosophies in life, in this case I very much disagree. The data has shown that vaccinations are working to stop the spread of the pandemic and it's a privilege to have vaccinations available to us. I, for one, am grateful. When you choose not to be vaccinated, you not only put yourself at higher risk, you continue the facilitate the spread of this virus and its variants that's impacting the lives of millions around the world.

    Having these types of restrictions, in my opinion, is similar to requiring a driver's license to drive. You can choose not to learn to drive, or maybe you have special circumstances that don't allow you to drive, but having a law that you must have a driver's license to drive is not taking away your freedom. It's in place to keep you and those around you safe.

    1. Hi Yvette,
      Great to hear from you.
      I believe you’re right, in that the data presented by mainstream media and the government, especially in the USA, does did show the vaccines are were working. There is now a lot of evidence coming out of Israel, Iceland, and the UK – some of the earliest countries to embrace vaccines, with highest percentages of cover – that the vaccines are beginning to fail. Israel is already rolling out booster shots, as initial immunity fades away.
      There is also a lot of science that shows that it is evolutionary pressure from so-called “leaky” (imperfect) vaccines being widely used that causes viral mutations, so blaming the unvaccinated seems to be a narrative designed more to deepen divide, rather than address actual scientific issues.
      A big difference between a driver’s licence and an experimental, as-yet-unapproved pharmaceutical treatment is that there is plenty of long-term data on the dangers of driving. Once these new mRNA injections are administered, what they do inside the body over the long term is unknown, and can never be undone.
      So yes, a driver’s licence is intended to keep you safe, but it isn’t experimental, and it isn’t injected into you.
      I am all for free choice, and if people take the considered decision to be vaccinated, I respect that decision. However, I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect the same respect in the other direction.
      If you believe your vaccine works effectively to keep you safe, then it shouldn’t matter to you at all what anyone else decides to do.
      However, most of the post was more about the concern I have about the use of “vaccine passports” as a backdoor way to soft-mandate vaccination. Like any government grab for more power, these things almost never get rolled back, only become more restrictive as time goes on.
      I hope for now we can agree to disagree, without the desire to force our wishes onto others for our own “safety”?

  2. This is so insane I cannot believe I am actually witnessing these times! Thank you for alerting us all to what is happening in France, and they may soon try it here. At the moment, life carries on here in southern NM very much like it used to be in the good ol' days. But I am near the Mexican border, just in case it changes, as the Pres of Mexico has stated he will not mandate the jab nor have jab passports. Stay safe, dear friends.

    1. Hi Sayward,
      Mexico certainly sounds like one of the best options if things do start heading further down the road towards mandates for all.
      You sound like you’ve positioned yourself well.
      It will be interesting to see how things unfold over the coming winter.
      As you so rightly say, this is so insane.

  3. Hello Ian,
    Happy to read you.
    I tend to agree with what you write.
    Since the start of this pandemic, the French government has always lied: it was not a pandemic, but a small flu, there was no need for a mask, in fact it was to hide that all reserve stocks had been thrown away. Then it was announced that the proposed treatments did not work, while many people in the world were being treated, then that we had to confine ourselves while other countries (I live in Switzerland) did not make it compulsory, etc … Until announcing that there would never be compulsory vaccination or health pass preventing access to such and such a place, and to do exactly the opposite a few weeks later. All the announcements by President Macron and the government have turned out to be lies. On the other hand, there are the "hard" conspirators who think this is all a global conspiracy, with a lot of theories without evidence other than internet videos of which no one knows the sources, and the use. of the conditional to express self-taught truths.
    For my part, and that of my wife, we are therefore trying to move forward on what we call "the crest path": on one side the official information which has all turned out to be false for 18 months and on the other, all the conspiratorial theories, some of which, on the other hand, have proved to be correct.
    Realizing that the lies were on both sides, we listen to our intuition. And our intuition tells us: wait again to get vaccinated, because this whole story stinks! Getting vaccinated is an irreversible act. We are not anti vaccine at all. We are in good health at 58 and 59 years old, we work independently, although of French nationality, we live in Switzerland where the people are listened to much more than in France. For 18 months I have been able to take the plane several times to go to the Netherlands, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates and Africa, with PCR tests, and to travel to France very regularly by car. So I absolutely do not feel the need to be vaccinated, and the pressure, or rather the threats of the French government are counterproductive and undoubtedly heralding greater restrictions on freedom: why threaten a people, if we really act for its good? Why put security guards in hospitals and shopping centers, why threaten fines and jail, why lie all the time, if all this is done for the good of the people?

    1. Hi Philippe,
      Great to hear from you.
      Like you, I think it is important to find a comfortable middle ground that suits your thoughts and intuitions. I like your phrase “the crest path”. I think of it as standing in the middle of a bridge over a deep chasm.
      As you say though, all the government’s lies, deception, manipulation and u-turns don’t inspire confidence, and none of this feels like it is being done for the good of the people.
      Which for us brings up the question, “Why are they doing all of this, if not for the good of the people?” And the only answers I ever come up with which seem to explain everything in a way that makes sense tends to draw me further across the bridge, away from the mainstream narrative.
      Again, as you say, the “conspiracy theorists” have been right so many times recently…

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