November 23


Peaceful protests

"Those idiotic anti-vaxxers have been rioting in Europe!"

Over the weekend (20th & 21st November 2021) groups of hundreds of thousands of people... some gatherings maybe into millions... came together in cities and towns across the world.

This was the 5th World Wide Demonstration (WWD 5.0) against covid restrictions, vaccine passports and government over-reach around the globe.

The protests were almost universally peaceful and joyous... like-minded people coming together to demand their freedoms be upheld.

And yet once again mainstream media around the world had one single narrative to push... violence at protests in Rotterdam and Brussels. Anyone watching the BBC in the UK for example, only saw reports about the violence.

The narrative is clear to see.

There is an obvious attempt to undermine the legitimate concerns of millions of people around the world.

Almost everyone on these protest marches would rather be at home, or getting on quietly with their life, unmolested by government decrees about experimental injections, and digital restrictions intruding into their lives.

Take a look at the first 10 minutes of Monday's edition (22nd November) of UK Column to see what the mainstream media failed to show.

Watch the rest of the program for some excellent reporting on the current state of affairs in the UK, and around the globe.

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