August 10


My final post about vaccines

This is going to be my final post about vaccines...

...well, at least for a while.

Because there are bigger issues at stake now, and we all need to focus on what is coming... and in many places is already here.

For now though, after this post, I am done with vaccines.

For me the issue is settled.

My personal decision not to have a covid vaccine was made many months ago, and nothing I have seen or read recently has caused me to doubt this decision. In fact the opposite is true, in that most of what has taken place over the past months has only served to harden my resolve, and convince me I made the correct choice.

Free to choose

I have never considered myself to be anti-vaccine, and have had several childhood vaccinations, tetanus boosters, and most recently, in 2010, a yellow fever shot which was required in order to visit Brazil.

I’ve tried to remain open-minded about vaccines in general, and wish to be understanding towards those who choose to have a covid jab. After all, as I wrote in my book “Vaccine Roundup”, we should all be free to make whatever decision we wish with regards to our own health choices, as long as we are fully informed and do our own due diligence.

We’re all different, and our personal circumstances, beliefs and needs will colour our final decision on such matters. What gives any of us the right to criticize the considered choice of another free individual?

But it is becoming increasingly obvious that those of us who choose to remain unvaccinated are going to come under ever greater pressure to comply with the wishes of those in power.

Vaccine mandates and vaccine passports

We’re already beginning to see vaccine mandates for care home workers, health care workers, federal workers. The mandates are very similar in many countries around the world.

And we’re also seeing at the same time the roll-out of “vaccine passports”, “green passes” or “health passes”.

Whatever your country calls them, they are a restriction upon the freedom of movement of certain parts of society, based upon a personal medical choice.

It  is these restrictions upon our freedoms that I believe we all need to turn our attention to right now, as these present an enormous threat to us all, both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Just because the current restrictions are only aimed at the unvaccinated doesn’t mean that those wielding power won’t want to force other “treatments” on us all at some later date for “the common good”.

Allowing this to happen now opens the door for terrible abuses of power in the near future.

So my next posts are going to focus more on this looming threat, but I will be circling back to vaccines at some future date, because it is very obvious that the mandates and the passes are all being implemented with the goal of coercing as many as possible to “choose” to be injected with these experimental mRNA injections.

Why I don’t want to be vaccinated

I’ll make this a quick bullet list, but for a much more in-depth discussion of my distrust of “the narrative” please get a copy of my book here (now totally banned by Amazon):
Vaccine Roundup: Should I Have One of the Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccinations? Questioning the Narrative: An Exercise in Critical Thought

You can even choose to read it for free if you wish, I don’t mind – just set the “choose your own price” to $0.00, and download your copy.

So, here are just a few points to consider:

The vaccines

  • Record-breaking development time
  • Safety studies incomplete
  • New technology never used before on humans
  • Complete lack of success over the past 20 years to produce a coronavirus vaccine
  • Lack of mid-term safety data
  • No long-term safety data
  • Only being used under EUA (Emergency Use Authorisation)

Pharmaceutical companies

  • A rap-sheet of criminal convictions to rival The Mafia
  • A history of botched medical products causing harm
  • Complete immunity from prosecution for any harm their vaccines cause
  • Billions of dollars of vaccine profits
  • A long history of lies and malpractice
  • A business model based on treating symptoms, not dealing with causes of illness


  • A campaign of fear
  • Silencing of any discussion of alternative treatments
  • Lack of any real health advice for populations
  • Endless propaganda, financed by billion dollar budgets
  • Ever-moving goal posts
  • Endless U-turns

The media and social media

  • A campaign of censorship of dissenting voices
  • Blatant propaganda
  • Many conflicts of interest

Enticements and coercion

What other medical treatment has ever been encouraged by enticements such as..?

  • Lotteries
  • Free donuts
  • Free burgers and fries
  • Lap dances
  • Joints for jabs
  • Kebabs
  • Taxi rides

Mandates and passes

  • Mandates for “key workers”
  • Passes to access pubs, bars, cafes, gyms, cinemas, theatres, nightclubs

Vaccinations for everyone

  • An ever expanding list of who must be vaccinated “to get back to normal”
    • "Just the vulnerable"
    • "Just the older age groups"
    • "Just until we get to 70%"
    • "Just some of the children"
    • "Actually, we need just about 100%"
  • A “one size fits all” approach
  • U-turns on vaccine safety for pregnant women


  • VAERS in USA
  • Yellow Card system in UK (an easier-to-use database here)
  • EudraVigilance in Europe
    • Note: I can't figure out how to get the data I'm looking for out of the EudraVigilance system, but this website can, and links to EudraVigilance sources used:
    • All are passive systems with estimated huge under-reporting
  • Thousands of vaccine-related deaths
  • Millions of vaccine injuries

The show must go on

All this to “encourage” us to take an experimental pharmaceutical product for a virus with a death rate that has to be measured in fractions of a single percent?

Surely people can see what a horror show this is becoming?

The deaths, the adverse reactions, the societal division, the economic disaster, the restrictions on our freedom?

And yet, apparently, the show must go on...

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  1. Hear Hear Ian! Excellent summary of the issues I too have been concerned about from the beginning. I would only add a "Politicians" heading with the following:

    -Complete elitist hypocrisy in espousing fear tactics but not adhered to themselves.
    -Enormous personal financial gains from the success of certain pharmaceutical companies.
    -Enormous voter gains by making this pandemic a political pandering exercise.

  2. You are not an anti are excercising your right to make an informed choice,
    one that you cannot make until they have isolated the virus (which they currently haven't done)and have the results of the trials, which are not due out for many many years yet.

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