July 21


Heineken beer! Cheers!

A toxic cocktail of harmful rubbish...

No. I'm not talking about the vaccines, I'm referring to this coercive, pro-vaccine, pro-discrimination advert for Heineken beer.

Heineken posted this on their YouTube channel on 8th July, and it's getting some attention... however, not quite the type of publicity Heineken hoped for, I suspect.

Take a look:

The video description is short:

Cheers to the vaccinated. Time to join them. #FreshBeginnings

Unfortunately for Heineken, fortunately for those who value the freedom to make personal medical decisions for ourselves (without being preached at... by a company that profits from making alcoholic drinks, no less!) the hashtag #BoycottHeineken appears in the comments on the video more than Heineken's own choice of hashtag.

Another U-turn

The timing of the release of Heineken's video (8th July) is interesting, in light of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's latest U-turn on so-called Freedom Day, 19th July, when he announced that from September only the double-vaccinated will be allowed to enter UK nightclubs.

My thoughts

Here's a quick video of Heineken's video page on YouTube, along with a few of my thoughts... I wanted to capture the page and some of the comments before they possibly disappear.

Read the comments for yourself

Here is the link to Heineken's video page. How long will they keep it online in light of the huge pushback they're getting?


Boycott Heineken

If you're interested in joining the #BoycottHeineken movement, your beer options are going to be somewhat limited. Here is the extensive list of Heineken's beer brands:


Cheers Heineken. Great job at shooting yourself in the foot.

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  1. WOW! I will never drink Heineken again! Great article, Ian! And I am SOOOO sorry to hear about you both getting tear-gassed! How WRONG WRONG WRONG these atrocities going on!

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