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Australia’s pandemic of the vaccinated

In my previous post I discussed my disgust at Australia's treatment of people who wish to decline the offer of injection with experimental medical products.

In particular, I focussed on my previous home state, Western Australia, currently presided over by petty tyrant dictator Mark McGowan.

Emperor McGowan has made WA into one of the world's strictest covid regimes, and even citizens like myself, if unvaccinated, can not re-enter their home state.

The reasoning behind such tight measures is the same as that touted by Joe Biden in the United States... "a pandemic of the unvaccinated".

Since that previous post the New South Wales government health department, who produce data that is reasonably useful and informative, have published two further weekly updates. All recent updates can be found and downloaded here:

A pandemic of the vaccinated

It is quite obvious that NSW is now experiencing a pandemic of the vaccinated.

We'll just focus on one table from the weekly reports, and follow it through the past month or so. 

The four weekly reports can be found and downloaded directly here:

For Week 52 ending Jan 1 2022, we're looking at Table 6 on page 8. In the following documents the same table is now numbered Table 5, and can be found on page 7 (8 Jan) or page 9 (15 and 22 Jan).

Here are those charts from the four documents:

As you can see, each table shows total numbers counting from 26 November 2021, as a cumulative total, so it is quite easy to work out the weekly number of new cases, hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths by vaccination status.

Looking at hospitalizations, the most relevant measure of who is "putting pressure on the health system", the most recent cumulative totals show 5,653 vaccinated (or partially vaccinated) hospitalizations to date (366 3-dose + 5,137 2-dose + 150 1-dose), compared to 822 unvaccinated admissions.

That's a cumulative total of 87% vaccinated people of all covid hospitalizations since 26 November 2021.

However, many of them will have had an "outcome" (either recovery or death) by now. So perhaps more relevant are new hospitalizations over the past week.

The numbers are as follows:

Vaccinated (or partially): 5,653 - 4,262 = 1,391

Unvaccinated: 822 - 679 = 143

In the previous week there was increase of 1,534 covid cases in hospital whose vaccination status is known. Of those, only 143 were unvaccinated... less than 10%.

Vaccinated = 91% / Unvaccinated = 9%

So, if the unvaccinated make up just 9% of new covid hospital admissions in over the past week, and occupy just 10% (15 of 153) ICU beds newly filled by covid cases, then who is really "putting pressure on the health system"?

How do the figures look in Western Australia?

I have no idea, as WA seem to produce no real useful data that I can find. Here is the Government of Western Australia Department of Health website:

The latest report they have produced, Bulletin #10, offers no useful numbers at all, and looks like it has been formatted by a school child in gaudy reds and greens. The report really is a stark contrast from the professionally formatted NSW reports filled with graphs, charts and stats.

Take a look for yourself:

It is hard to imagine that people in WA are any different to people in NSW, and therefore it would seem reasonable to assume that percentages of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated ending up in hospital will be quite similar. In fact, making assumptions is all we can really do owing to the lack of any relevant data.

If the unvaccinated account for just 10% of hospitalizations there are no grounds whatsoever to claim the unvaccinated represent any sort of disproportionate burden on the health system. 

Surely we can all now agree that it's time to end any divisive vaccine apartheid nonsense. The vaccines appear to be doing little to nothing in the way of preventing hospitalizations and serious illness leading to ICU admissions.

So with the vaccinated now filling the hospitals and ICU wards it's clearly time to get rid of vaccine passports once and for all.

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