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Answering the question

We attended our second “manifestation” in Dijon on Saturday (14th August 2021), and once again felt tremendously lifted to be around so many people who share the same concerns we do about vaccination, and perhaps even more importantly, about the implementation of the French “passe sanitaire”.

(Some video of the event in my next post)

See my previous post here for more info on the medical apartheid system now being enforced here in France. 

As I’ve previously stated, I’m done with discussing vaccines for now. I believe we’re facing an equally important challenge, which represents a threat to all, whether vaccinated or not.

A sign of the times

We didn’t really know what to expect the first time we went to Dijon a couple of weeks ago, but this time we had an idea of how the day might unfold. I wanted to express my opinion, and decided that in order to do this I would need to make a sign in French.

I believe that part of the methodology being employed to force these restrictions upon us is the age-old tactic of divide and conquer. The French government want to pitch the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, but France seems to be rising to the challenge, seeing that we need to be united as a people against those who would take our freedoms away.

That is what I wanted to express on my sign:

Vaccinated and unvaccinated

All together

Against the health pass

On our previous “manif” we hardly spoke to anyone, but with a sign in hand we were approached many times by people wanting to chat, comment, and support.

There were many other signs expressing the same sentiment, that choice about vaccination was unimportant, but solidarity against our loss of freedom was of paramount importance.

The loss of freedoms ushered in by the passe sanitaire are immediately obvious to the unvaccinated, as the impact on all aspects of our lives is now a part of our day-to-day lives, but I think the potential for more restrictions upon us all aren’t quite so clear to those afforded freedom at the moment by flashing their lovely green digital pass.

"What do you have against the idea of a digital pass?

My "all together against the pass" sign was more of a suggestion than a statement of fact, which was made very clear to me when a man, obviously not part of the demonstration crowd, asked me:

“So what exactly do you have against the idea of a health pass?”

He was vaccinated, had his passe sanitaire on his phone, and pointed out all of the freedoms that were available to him. "I can go to a restaurant, fly back to Dubai, grab a coffee. I haven’t lost any of my freedoms.”

It was difficult to hold a conversation with him, as few of the marchers around me jumped into the discussion, and heated voices competed to answer his points.

In a quieter moment I tried to voice my concerns about where the pass may take us all in the future. He wasn’t at all concerned about having to have booster shots, and wanted to know what other restrictions I imagined might follow.

It was a good question, and I felt frustrated that I couldn’t express my worries in a succinct, articulate manner. We chatted for a minute or so, and then parted with a cheery, “Have a good manifestation” from him.

So, I decided, I need to try to answer for myself a clearly as possible why I see this as such an important issue.

Extreme coercion

It is obvious that the passe sanitaire is currently being used here in France to coerce or, in many cases, force people into accepting an experimental treatment, the long-term effects of which are completely unknown at this time.

Macron himself stated this very clearly in his 12th July address to the country.

I find this very alarming, as the same agenda seems to be rolling out in so many countries across the world, although with varying methodologies.

In Australia and New Zealand, for example, they are pursuing a “zero covid” strategy, with very harsh lockdowns, and huge vaccine propaganda. In the States there is so much division, pushed by the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” narrative, that unvaccinated are under very heavy peer group pressure.

It is quite obvious there is a worldwide goal to vaccinate all, and it feels like several studies are running concurrently to assess which method of coercion is most effective in getting the most people to comply.

So that’s my #1 concern... the hidden agenda which appears to be behind the massive medical experiment, which the passe is obviously pushing here in France.

The bigger picture

However, there are much bigger issues to look at too, whether you are vaccinated or not. Because I believe we’re seeing the thin end of the wedge here. As I’ve pointed out before, once those in authority gain a greater degree of control over the population, they rarely, if ever, let go of that power.

Let’s see what happens here in France when the passe sanitaire system comes up for review on November 15th. I very much doubt they will decide the passe is no longer required. I hope I am proved wrong

At the moment the passe only targets those who have refused to be vaccinated. But with lots of talk of booster shots, which are already being administered in Israel, then you can be sure the vaccinated will find their passe out of date at some point, until they re-submit to vaccination requirements.

I imagine the passe will transition from it’s “green” status to amber a couple of weeks before your booster is due, giving you time to “protect yourself and others”. Once your passe turns red you’ll be locked out of society in the same way the unvaccinated currently are.

It isn’t difficult to imagine a booster being required every 6 months to maintain your green pass status.

Comply, or be locked out of society.

Resistance is futile...

Once the passe is fully implemented across the whole of society we can imagine all sorts of other requirements could be placed upon us in order to receive our permission to be free. 

  • Compulsory flu jabs?
  • Your kids must be "protected"?
  • A new sort of weekly test you must have to stay "green"?
  • Update your social profile with you pro-vaccine message?
  • Stay within 5km of home, tracked by the app?

They can literally add any requirement they like to keep you in line.

Sounds like "conspiracy theory", doesn't it? 

But just remember that two years anyone suggesting that the world would be under "lockdown" within the next six months would have been denounced as a lunatic.

And less that one year ago, people suggesting we'd be required to produce a "papers please" pass to move about freely were mocked and scorned as tin-foil hatters.

Many "conspiracy theorists" have been pretty accurate with their predictions of where we're heading.

Our financial future...?

Beyond control centred around vaccination, the passes offer endless opportunities for those in power to exert more control over the population.

The fast-approaching Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) offer further potential for nightmarish Orwellian control. This is a topic for a separate post in its own right, as there is much to say about this matter, but in the meantime you might want to do a little research about the possible implications of such a drastic change in our financial system.

Needless to say, CBDCs would give central planners much more control over data around how we choose to live our lives, and what we do with out digital currency.

It doesn’t seem much of a stretch to imagine your digital wallet app being connected to your health pass app, and restrictions on what you can spend your money on being tied to your current health status.

Not vaccinated? No plane ticket purchases allowed. No long distance train tickets for you until you comply. No, sorry, you can't buy tickets for this concert.

I truly believe those who happily accept a vaccine passport now to secure their freedom to travel, to eat in a restaurant, to have a coffee on a terrace, are unwittingly accepting the first stage of a regime of digital entrapment which will eventually imprison us all.

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  1. Ian,
    I have read your book before it got taken off Amazon and really enjoyed it because it is all facts and what has been happening.
    What I don't understand, is how governments can pass these laws IE; Health passport without presenting it to government to be past just like any other law. There has to be some legal recourse for them to infringe on your health.
    Thank you for writing about this very volatile subject because it's hard for most people to be able to express themselves properly on paper. And I am one of them. And of course, I totally agree with everything you have written.
    Kim Thompson

    1. Hi Kim,
      Glad you liked the book. You must have got it from Amazon in the narrow window it was available there.
      For anyone else, you can still get a copy here:
      It is amazing, isn’t it, how these laws just get pushed through, whether the population wants them or not. The same thing seems to be happening all around the world. Democracy seems to be being replaced with dictatorship everywhere we look.

  2. If we give up our freedoms, they will be extremely difficult to get back, and our lives will be in the total control of the Demons at the top. If they decide they' don't like what we're thinking because they're able to read our thoughts due to the nanoparticles that have been injected in us, they can decide if we continue to live or die. NO ONE takes control over my life, my body, my rights, except me. And I have that natural, God (Universe) given right, just like each of us do. Orwell's '1984' is being played out before our very eyes! Stay safe, you two! Much Love and Blessings, Sayward

  3. This is always going to be a contentious subject, and even though I've chosen to have the vaccination I'm against the idea of a coving passport, the idea that a section of the population are "able to do" and others are not doesn't sit well in my mindset.
    I'm of the opinion that the pandemic is very much overstated along with excessive media scaremongering is an attempt to suppress the general public and therefore I think we should not adopt this policy without great thought and question the viability of it.
    I do however feel that in the UK the vaccination effort is the best way to combat the virus although I believe it will disappear in due course.
    I would also like to say that countries like Australia and New Zealand who went into severe lockdowns have got this wrong, yes you can contain as cutoff countries but at some point you have to open up then you are vulnerable, a virus is just that a virus it will go anywhere until it dies out, which I believe it will, I also believe this virus is man made and not a naturally occurring one, however now it's here maybe it's a necessary evil as the world's population needs slowing down otherwise the planet will never sustain the amount of life it needs too.

    1. Hi Ian,
      As you say, a contentious issue on so many fronts. Like you, I think people’s personal decisions about the vaccine are just that… personal. But now it is the rise of “vaccine passports” that I find truly alarming. Here in France those who remain unvaccinated are locked out of almost all aspects of social life. They are really trying to coerce people into giving up and getting jabbed.
      You raise lots of other issues too, such as AU and NZ super-hard lockdowns for a few cases, the origin of the virus, and of course, the idea of population control for planetary sustainability.
      Plenty of material for future posts…

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